Photo Essay: A Day Outside the RNC

Taylor Dorrell
3 min readJul 27, 2016
Security fencing at the end of Hope Memorial Bridge. Apart of the perimeter setup around Cleveland.

Although it seems like a lifetime ago, republicans, protestors, police, and media flocked to Cleveland last week for the Republican National Convention. As an Ohioan hearing about how chaotic the convention was expected to be, I decided to take a greyhound to Columbus and borrow my Grandmother’s car to get to Cleveland, so I could experience a day outside the RNC. See more from the series on my website.

For those who didn’t want to pay $40 for parking, one of the alternatives was to park in Ohio City and cross the Hope Memorial Bridge. A satellite truck stationed across the Cuyahoga River.
A fellow Ohio City parker makes his way around the perimeter on 9th Street.
A group of officers standing in the shade on 9th street.
A well documented argument takes place at Cleveland Public Square. The square was one of the main spots where conflicting parties engaged in conversation and argument.
A Christian group speaks out against Islam in Cleveland Public Square.
A man who carried a cross around in the Public Square, lays down and cries while a man with a microphone speaks out against his views.
A man stops to talk to the driver of a car plastered with signs.
An MSNBC host on 4th street. 4th Street is a restaurant hot spot and is where the main gate was located to enter the convention.
A light outside of the MSNBC booth.
Young Trump supporters wait for MSNBC to go to live so they can raise their “Trump Make America Great Again” flag.
A discussion is had between a Trump supporter and a group that opposes him.
A sex doll depicting Trump is paraded next to the convention entrance during a protest.
Officers block a street while protestors march towards the convention entrance.
Austyn tries to link up with the journalists he’s helping to keep safe during the convention.
A police boat sits next to a rally for Trump.
Secret Service agent Jim watches the fences on 9th Street.
Busses line up outside the convention center on 9th Street.
The Cleveland skyline seen from Hope Memorial Bridge on the way back to my $3 parking spot in Ohio City.

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