On Tour With Montana of 300

Montana watching basketball before a show. Photo: Taylor Dorrell

Montana of 300 is a Chicago rapper who’s music talks about his graphic childhood and who’s music videos have a collective 180 million views. Now Montana has two kids and would rather be a good father than have a reputation on the street. Cody Perkins and myself went on a small tour with Montana and his crew, FGE (Fly Guy Entertainment), to help shoot a documentary on the musical and social validity of rap music. During the tour we shot this series of images.

Montana looking at Rochester from a hotel window. Photo: Taylor Dorrell
KP, Montana’s manager, races filme, Deepak, to decide who drives the rest of the way to Rochester. Photo: Taylor Dorrell
Fans wait outside the Rochester show to meet Montana. Photo: Cody Perkins
Montana‘s very close with his kids and brought his oldest son on the tour. Photo: Cody Perkins
Every show, Montana explains how some of his more violent lyrics are written from memories. He explains that he doesn’t want to glorify that lifestyle, he’d rather spend time with his family. Photo: Cody Perkins
The aftermath of a show in Niagra Falls. Photo: Cody Perkins
Montana after a show in Rochester. Photo: Cody Perkins
$avage taking a break from playing basketball. Photo: Taylor Dorrell
Montana waiting to start a pickup game. Photo: Taylor Dorrell
Jalyn tries to get around J Real. Photo: Cody Perkins
J Real at a rest stop in Ohio. Photo: Taylor Dorrell
Montana watching a basketball game on tv. Photo: Taylor Dorrell
Don D at a show in Niagra Falls. Photo: Taylor Dorrell




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