Active Shooter Defense Course

Fake training guns. Endeavor Defense and Fitness in Hilliard, Ohio offers a free Active Shooter Training Course to help understand what to do in an active shooter situation.

In the wake of mass shootings and gun violence in the US, a self defense and fitness gym in Hilliard, Ohio is offering a free course on how to react in an active shooter situation. The course confronts active shooter situations in a time where conversation is focused on gun control, the second amendment, and the occasional conspiracy theory. Although there’s a very small chance of being involved in a shooting, knowing what to do in that scenario could save lives.

Aaron Jannetti, owner of Endeavor going through the course powerpoint. The class focuses on “The Plan” which consists of recognizing the situation and deciding what the safest action is. The powerpoint and videos can be found on their website.
Much of the course is hands on. Although fighting is seen as a last resort, it’s taught as a defensive tactic in an active shooter situation.
For the fighting section of the class, basic punching, hitting, and disarming techniques are practiced.
One of the fighting techniques practiced involves pushing the shooter against a wall.
Participants practice tackling from different angles and pretend to hit their partner on the ground.
Basic medical training is taught for treating wounds and breathing.
Firearms are brought out to bring attention to some of the ways a weapon can malfunction.
Aaron demonstrates how to disarm the weapon (loaded with blanks).
Head instructor of Endeavor’s firearm’s division, Rob McKeeman helps with the course and acts as one of the active shooters in the practice scenarios.
Groups practice tackling with more than one person. When one person acts, it’s supposed to spark more to join and make it harder for the shooter to continue.
The last part of the class involves an active shooter situation. By then, the participants will choose to either run away, find cover, or try to disarm the shooter if close enough.



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